The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

Instead of posting about books, I decided to talk about a trailer of a movie coming out in summer that has caught my attention. My second post in this blog was written about a book called, “The Fault In Our Stars”, by John Green, and I briefly mentioned it was being made into a movie. About a week ago the trailer was released for the movie, and I’ve watched it about 3 dozen times. It is amazing how powerful the few minute trailer is, and I’m going to post it above so you can watch it for yourself.

I am extremely excited for this movie to come out, and I would encourage everyone and anyone to go out and watch it. It is supposed to be released in the United States on June 6th 2014, but I am not sure when for other countries, so keep an eye out for those dates!


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  1. Can you comment if this book is appropriate for an 11 year-old girl? Most of my daughters friends are already reading this book, and Brooke wants to read it (it is made available in her Scholastic book order from school). I just watched the trailer and it seems to me to be quite a mature theme. Any comments or suggestions?

    1. Hi Joan!

      Personally, I would rate this book to be PG-13, but others would say it’s more of a book for 15+. It deals with pretty heavy topics such as death, the meaning of life, innuendo, and has non-explicit sex scenes, as well as swears. It really depends on how comfortable you feel with your daughter reading about these kind of topics, since all pre-teens maturity levels are different.

      I hope this was helpful!

      1. Thanks Nikki! Your reply confirms my suspicions that this book topic may be a little bit heavy for an 11 year old. I appreciate your response. Brooke will have to wait awhile to read this one, and I’m sure I will hear about everyday until the end of the school year!

      2. Totally understandable, I would do the same. I’m sure she’ll get distracted with another book, or book series eventually!

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