Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe


I decided to change up my blog once again! I am starting a series of comic books called “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.” There is only 4 books in this series since it got discontinued after the fourth one. I read a review of the series by Noel Thorne on and he mentions that deadpool is self aware that he is a character in the comic book, which I find absolutely fascinating. Deadpool has been known for his morbid wit and humour in comics, and I‘m hoping to experience that in this series.

I haven’t read many comics, but I really want to get into this type of reading. I have been interested in comics for quite sometime, but have been too occupied with other books to really get into them. I decided that this year is the year I was going to start reading into the Marvel world, and I have joined a comic book club where I plan to ask lots of questions and learn more about this genre of books.

Leave a comment if you have any recommendations of comics I should take a look at! Also leave a comment if you prefer Marvel, or DC comics. If you answer DC, you’re wrong (;



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  1. Honestly, this is a cool concept. There are so many other resources for generic book reviews, but COMIC book reviews may be enough of a niche to garner you a decent following. Good luck, you’ve got my attention (even though I don’t read comics, I may learn something).

    1. I hope I learn a lot too, I’ve always found comic books so interesting. Thank you!

  2. I enjoy Marvel’s characters more, DC’s are too OP. However, my absolute favorite comic book writer, Geoff Johns, writes exclusively for DC. Also, DC tends to have better villains than Marvel.

    In terms of recommendations, don’t read anything by Rob Liefield. Terrible artist, possibly an even worse writer. He created Deadpool, but he doesn’t like where other people have taken the character.

    In terms of graphic novels and/or comic collections, check out Watchmen, Superman: Red Son, Superman: Grounded, and, of course, anything by Geoff Johns.

    Sorry. I tend to geek out a bit over comics.

    1. I agree that DC has better villains, some of my favourite villains come from the DC world! Thank you for the recommendations, I’m just starting out and need all the help I can get. I geek out and certain things too, don’t be sorry at all 😀 Thanks again!

    2. The Watchmen graphic novel is sublime

  3. Oh man, I like DC better 😦 My opinion isn’t really all that valid considering I don’t read comics other than Batman, because Batman’s the bomb. But even the difference between the movies. Marvel is way too cheesy superhero esque for me. DC makes things real and dark and moving. Like The Dark Knight or the new Superman movie. Amazing! I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Avengers. It was hard to take it seriously because of all the cheap comedy shots. But maybe it wasn’t meant to be taken super seriously. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about!

    1. I was totally joking about DC fans! I think DC makes good content, and I agree that Marvel can be a bit cheesy at times. I think I like the traditional cheesy nature of Marvel, and I absolutely love lame humour. It’s all about what you like, and I also don’t have much experience with comic books, and I will eventually take a look at some DC comics to see how they compare to Marvel. I liked the Avengers, but my favourite villain ever is Loki, so I could be a bit biased. I also like the batman movies, they are really well done. As a character he doesn’t really fall into the DC superhero category to me because he doesn’t really have any superpowers, just a lot of money and physical training. Both DC and Marvel are good in their own ways! 😀

      Thanks for the Watchmen recommendation, I shall check it out!

    2. I think that’s sort of the point of Marvel. They realize that superheroes are absurd and unrealistic, so they don’t take themselves too seriously. DC is trying to be all gritty and stuff, but they can lose some of the human connection that allows us to relate to and like their heroes.

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